Planet SMP is about a couple of friends that have had past experience with running and managing servers, coming together again to put up another server and make it a different place then what is usually expected from SMP servers. The vision was for this server to be more community driven then the usual server out there, with this being fairly new and quite small there is more opportunity for the player community to voice their opinions about the server and suggest ideas to the Staff on how to make the server a better place for everyone. Thus came our motto “The Planet is Yours.” meaning that in this server you are free to do as you see fit. And yes we have rules that establish a very minimal base line but those are the only rules if anything you do doesn’t conflict with the rules then it is free game and that’s the type of environment that we want to create. An environment where the staff aren’t breathing down the players neck and watching their every mood, instead we want players to see the staff as friends and guides to help them when they need it. We staff members pride ourselves as being as helpful to the players as we possibly can, and are willingly to take the time to get to know the players that enjoy our server. We hope you find our creation enjoyable and we hope you and your friends find this place welcoming and enjoyable and remember “The Planet is Yours.”.